Nerds Against the World Issue #3: F*CK Ryan Gosling!


On today's Nerds Against the World and while Benita "HarleyQuinn" Levario is on vacation we talk about Warner Bros. looking for actors who are or close to being 40 years of age, to portray the Cape Crusader Batman and the actors who are rumored to play him. We also discuss video games that makes us RAGE!!! With anger. Other topics we also get into: Batman: The Animated Series 21st Anniversary, Comic books you should by this week and the next. 

Issue #3 Podcasters:
Desmond "HiroTheGeek" Robinson
Summer "KrazySlayer187" Doster
Robert "The GeekStar" Jenkins
Special Guest:
Jideobi Siphen,You can follow Jideobi on twitter @Siphen0
Opening (intro/outro):
8-Bit Mission Impossible theme by OverlandAndy