Nerds Against the World Issue #2: Motherfrakin Men!!!


Tonight's Nerds Against The World podcast topics includes: Dragon Age, The Flash TV series, Wonder Woman's extended stay away from the small and silver screens. We also talk about tales from a GameStop employee, and our gaming hypothesis for the future, Batman: Arkham Origins 3 Vs. 3 Vs. 2 multiplayer, the possiblity of a Red Dead and Bully sequel and tales from the SDCC showroom floor. Plus we have Nerds Against the World's very own and aspiring stage actress Leticia Carrasco joining us with her own brand of energy and humor.

 Issue #2 Podcasters:
Desmond "HiroTheGeek" Robinson
Benita "HarleyQuinn" Levario
Summer "KrazySlayer187" Doster
Robert "The GeekStar" Jenkins

Leticia "SyrinxGM" Carrasco

Opening (intro/outro):
8-Bit Mission Impossible theme by OverlandAndy